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For those of you who have heard “it’s not possible” “that can’t happen” I am here to tell you differently.  I believe that with hard work, determination, passion, and a steady vision anything is possible. Five Stars Senior Equine Project is a program owned by Four Legged Family Massage Services, LLC that specializes in the care of injured, and arthritic animals. The program was inspired by equine individuals who could barely walk be mobile once again.

The goals of the program is to take an injured or arthritic horse and gift them with massage therapy services, training, farrier, and veterinary care so they can reach their full potential. Additional goals include responsible pet education.

Five Stars Senior Equine Project offers is a very special opportunity for special needs, and arthritic equines. We have a very unique healing system guaranteed to work for equines that might not otherwise have a chance. We offer massage therapy several times a week, excellent husbandry, and dietary care, farrier, training and vet care all by trusted animal care professionals. Once equine citizens are rehabilitated they will go to homes as family pets, pleasure horses, and possibly therapeutic masters so the cycle of helping and healing continues. We are currently working with Phillipe a horse that was saved from the brink of death that was scheduled to be slaughtered. To see his progress please see the above video.

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Five Stars Senior Equine Project: